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My whole family loves it, including the kids!

About 3 years ago, I had the pleasure of trying Chick-n-Que for the first time. My taste buds have followed them around ever since! I am so excited that Earnest and Queen, the owners, opened up a restaurant where I can easily get my fix!! My whole family loves it, including the kids! The Chick-n-que sandwich with slaw is my favorite - a savory, smoky and perfectly spiced chopped chicken BBQ topped with a crisp, fresh coleslaw. My husband's favorite is the Alarm Cluck sandwich, a combination of their signature smoked chicken with the sweet heat of jalapeños and habanero ranch. Best chicken BBQ around! Love the food and can't help but to love them too! - Lenisa & Ben Cherian

Perfect combination of smokey and spicy! AMAZING!

Chick-N-Que is the perfect combination of smokey and spicy without the greasiness you get from most pulled pork BBQ. I've used them for catering both at home and at work and their food has always been a hit with everyone. The food at Chick-N-Que is amazing - I've never had anything I didn't like, entree or side.  

David Lee

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The BEST NC Eastern style Barbeque Around Town