ABOUT Chick-N-Que

Birthed from an overwhelming response to food served at football party, Chick-N-Que began to take special orders  in January of 2009 and has grown into a mobile food, catering service. With our guarded family recipe, Chick-N-Que has a unique, savory taste that stands out as some of the best barbecue around. PERIOD!  


Our specialty is bird: ostrich, chicken, turkey, etc.  But we have a lot more to offer.  Call us for your catering needs or event scheduling.


Specializing in home cooking, it is our pleasure to provide you with food that satisfies your taste buds and comforts your  soul.


As owners and operators, we enjoy working in a family atmosphere. You will often find our kids and/or parents working along side us. Regardless of the crew, you will always find smiling faces, laughter and good eats.   


Thanks for stopping by,

Ernest, Queen & Family!

The BEST NC Eastern style Barbeque Around Town